I'm Cody, and I love making websites. I've been working at Buzzbizz Studios for nearly 4 years, bringing expert coding for custom websites to all kinds of different small businesses in the greater Anchorage, Alaska area. It's my dream job, being able to work with a world-class designer to allow all kinds of different clients the ability to have amazing, fully-custom websites. However, my girlfriend recently got accepted as a PhD student at the Institute of Communications Research at UIUC, and I want to move in with her. So that puts me on the search for a job in Urbana/Champaign, somewhere where I can take my years of applied web programming experience, and continue making modern, custom websites for people.

This page is still actively being added to, if you have any questions, send me an email to cody@codyw.com.


  • Expert CSS3 Skills
  • Semantic HTML5 Skills
  • Responsive Design Expert
  • Javascript/JQuery experience
  • Fluent at most Adobe Programs
  • Microsoft Office Certified*
  • General Programming Experience
  • Wordpress and CMS Template experience
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)*
  • Not great at Databases
  • Not great at Microsoft stack


The best site I've made, with a eye-catching full-height banner on the homepage, with a CSS3 animation with audio synced to the animation just below that banner. Beautiful clean design that works all the way back to IE9!

Aurora Fine Art

This website has a custom CSS3 animated header, one on the front page to make a big splash, and a subtle one on the contact page. We actually designed a full suite of pages for this client, but they haven't gotten the content to us yet to fully finish this site.

Chugach Chiropractic

A really nice, simple Responsive site, with a HTML5 video playing an aurora in the background. Looks really sharp! On the homepage, we have a pug with rotating quotes, that was really tough to get working in a responsive context, but works great!